Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The uberfest in the California desert.

The Swass...
1. The Flaming Lips: Anytime you start a show by walking over the audience in a giant bubble your off to a good start.

2. The Rapture: Quality all around, but I hold a special place for the guy that rocked out the cowbell like there was no tomorrow.

3. The Pixies: Reunited at last. They came to rock, and rock they did.

4. All the bloggers I hung out with: These guys know how to party.

5. The Girls at the Water Booths: These girls were so hot you enjoyed spending two bucks on a bottle of water.

6. Del and the rest of Hieroglyphics: Highlight was Del's freestyle verses during Clint Eastwood. The man has more flow than a sorority house at that time of the month.

And now the SWUNT...
1. Beck: Seriously, the best part of his set was when he stopped playing and tried to get his reprogrammed Gameboy to work. If I had nails in my pocket I would have shoved them in my ears.

2. The Dude in the Silver Speedo: The desert was hot, you are not. If I had those nails, I would have wished I saved them for my eyes.

3. The Shirtless Old Guys: Smantes are not a thing to be flaunted. They were about as cool as The Hoj and Stewmanji combined. So keep the shirts on unless you have a sweet tattoo of a tiger that covers your whole chest.

4. The Trash Cans: If you going to invite 80,000 people to one spot, you might want to put out more than 5 trash cans. I haven't seen that kind of mess since my kitchen in college.

5. The Squatters: These people would stake out a spot early on and not move so they could be close when Radiohead or The Cure came on. The result was the first 10 rows of people sitting for all the other shows on that stage, which really drained the energy of the bands before them. People, there are 80 plus bands playing, go broaden your horizons. Frickin' wierdos. They had me about 10 minutes from Wapner during the Hiero show.

That's all I really have to say. Anything else wouldn't do it justice.


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