Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm Better than You.

Normally I wouldn't be so brazen, but last night my roommate and I single-handedly made a band play an encore, which was then dedicated to us. So unless you've ever had an encore you created (without the help of a stadium of people) dedicated to you, I am indeed better than you. It was right up there with the time Stipe pointed back at CJ and me.

So the band was Kennedy. A local favorite of mine that I've been tauting for some time now. The venue was Fais do do for the little radio show. They have one every Wednesday night, and the covers only $6. They've been putting together some sweet ass shows, but the crowds aren't there yet. Go support pirate radio! You like pirates don't cha? If you don't, I don't like you. Anyway, go to their site, sign up for the mailing list and they'll tell you who's playing each week. When I go again, I don't want to see a bunch of lame-os too concerned with losing their seats to get up and rock. Because minus a few, that's basically who showed up. On a final note, Kennedy rocks, GO SEE THEM!

He's so rockstar, he doesn't care if gas is expensive. He's still gonna waste it. Posted by Hello


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