Monday, May 24, 2004

DDR vs. McDonald's
Dance, Dance Revolution is doing all it can to get kids off their lazy asses and exercise. So much so in fact, that some schools are making it a part of their gym classes. That's way better than getting pelted in the head with a rubberball, by some 5th grade behemoth that already has to shave everyday. However, in fear of losing customers to healthy habits, McDonald's is starting to offer DVD rentals at select stores. Not only encouraging you to sit around all evening in front of the TV eating junk food, but you also need to go back to return the DVD. And how many people will be able to go back just to return the movie? You know they're going to be leaving with a Big Mac or two. And since they've got the food, it'd be nice to have something to watch wouldn't it? It's a terrible cycle that's about to be unleashed. DDR, we need you now more then ever.


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