Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Who is Mitchie Brusco?
That is the question I have asked the greater Los Angeles area for the last two days. And quite frankly, I'm a bit disappointed in the population. For a town where everyone wants to be an actor, how is it that they're all camera shy or completely uncreative. Especially since I tell them to just make it up if they don't know who he is. I'm giving them complete creative control. Something one doesn't often get in this city. There were a couple of good ones though. My favorites had to be : a Jewish Carpenter that died for our sins (way off, but funny), and the artist that draws Marmaduke (ok, I told her to say that one but I still like it). I'm working on a very slow connection, so you'll just have to look up everything that should have a link the hard way.


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