Friday, June 04, 2004

Johnny No Thumbs is A man of his word.

Hoj was the winner of yesterday's contest. Easy question? Yes. A classic one nonetheless.
So here's Johnny!!....wait, I mean the Hoj...

Sup Senor No Thumbs

"So I just ordered two books on about
voice-overs and the potential for a career doing it.
I had a $25 gift certificate and couldn't think of
anything else better to blow it on so I'm feeding my
longstanding pipe dream. I'll hit you all with the
review(s) if the books aren't too lame and who
knows...maybe you'll hear the tall Jewish wonder doing
the voice-over for a Tide or Ford commercial some day.
Maybe my advertising industry brother or my Hollywood
loving brotha Rando could get me an in. What do you
say Rando? Maybe I'll introduce you to Guttenberg in
exchange for your help with a voice-over gig. Lets
not forget the standings when it comes to random
encounters with the Stevemeister (as his friends call
him). Hoju 1, Johnny No Thumbs 0."


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