Wednesday, October 13, 2004

You Touch My Tra La La

Oh man, this guy is totally rad. He looks like a cross between Eddie "the greased weasel" Guerrero and Napoleon Dynamite's brother Kip. Not only does he have one of the sweetest mustaches I've ever seen, but an awesome mullet. It is Samson-esque in it's power to attract the ladies. He's got pictures on his site to prove it. Seriously, he's made me bi-polar. I'm ecstatic to know that a man this freakin' awesome exists, and deeply depressed at the same time since it's made me realize that I have no chance whatsoever to be even a third as cool as him.

I have to thank for finding this demi-god.

Perhaps the coolest Swede ever! Posted by Hello


At 3:29 AM, Anonymous Michael from Copenhagen, Denmark said...

Nice to see that there are other people who thinks the same about Günther as I do. I saw him on Sweedish television this winter. He was interviewed and afterwards he performed the new-launched "Touch Me" duet with Samantha Fox on stage. Surprisingly, he didn't seem to have lost contact with reality - yet. His video-performances make you doubt. Anyhow, it is good to have Günther's music to enjoy, now that we don't hear/see much from Army Of Lovers anymore. BTW: Why is it usually Sweden that provides these freekish pop music artists?


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