Monday, October 04, 2004

Perhaps not as Successful as I thought.

I thought the first ever "National Steve Guttenberg Day" went pretty well. However as the weekend wrapped up and I still haven't recieved any pictures of people's parties, I can only conclude that this celebration wasn't as National as I'd hoped it would be. This makes me very sad. I offered a free shirt to the best picture for god's sake! People sign up for credit cards they don't want from some stranger on the street just for the free shirt. They give them all their personal information, just for a t-shirt and a pretty crappy one at that. I can only hope that everyone's parties are still going strong, and that this is the reason I have not yet recieved any submissions to win the shirt. The contest will end on this Friday. That will give any of you that need to develop and scan the pictures, time to do so.


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