Thursday, May 26, 2005

Marty McFly, where have you taken me?

Last weekend I caught Children of the Beast at 14 Below in Santa Monica and I could have sworn that I traveled back in time. They're a early Motley Crue tribute band and they've got the looks that kill. They also sound good. But seriously, the pics I took when the smoke was on stage look like I was front row back at the Whisky in the early 80's.

They rock and the costumes are spot on. I highly reccommend checking them out. I've been really dissappointed with Metal Skool lately, so if you're thinking of checking them out go to a Children of the Beast show instead. All Metal Skool does lately is talk for an hour and fifty minutes and play like 10 minutes of music. These guys play straight up early crue. The big let down was the lack of a giant drum solo. If that would have happened, I think my head might have exploded (but in a good way). They played Dr. Feelgood which isn't early Crue and it got my excited that they might play Kickstart my Heart, but no matter how much we yelled for it they wouldn't play it. Maybe next time, or if they play Public Enemy #1 instead to stick with the early Crue thing, I'm cool with that too.


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