Thursday, May 13, 2004

Spaceland?...More like SWASSLAND!
For all of those that missed the show at Spaceland last night, I pity you. (which I know was all of you, as I went alone.) For they were serving up swass by the gallons, or in those Hardee's Smurf glasses if you asked politely. The first band of the night was Tsar. And these guys are awesome! Straight up rock and roll for the masses. I'd give them 2 thumbs up if I had any. The second band was pretty awful, and didn't even say their name, so I can't tell you not to go see them. Unless you want to avoid all bands from Seattle. Which I don't recommend. The last band of the night was Ambulance Ltd. And the swass was back. These guys are solid. Another note on the night, was that the Eve 6 singer kept walking around acting like he was all cool. To which I kept walking up to him and saying, "Dude, you're not cool." But the man is as dense as osmium so he didn't really take the hint. The singer for Tsar however, was the swassest person I've seen in LA for a long time. Just how swass is he? He wore a cape after the show. That's right, he walked around the club the rest of the night with a cape on. But not just any cape. A cape with a large picture of David Hasselhoff, with the word Hasselhoff written in large white letters next to the face just in case you weren't German and needed some help.


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