Tuesday, June 08, 2004

With Bands Like These, Who Needs Dance, Dance, Revolution?

Last night I went to Spaceland to see Scissor Sisters. Being the second band of a free show, I wasn't sure what to expect. But these guys turned a jaded LA show into a dance club for at least an hour. Also the first time I've seen a band that was not the headliner, come back out for a well deserved encore. Great show, if you missed them, they'll be coming back for a West Coast tour in July and a national one in September. That's not all though. On Sunday I saw Franz Ferdinand at the Wiltern. These boys are a little more rock and roll, but you can still dance your ass off to them. Which, for LA, a decent amount of folks did. The rest just bobbed their heads and probably went to their chiropractors in the morning complaining of a sore neck, after picking up an herbal tea with a splash of soy milk, but before heading off to yoga. If you have the opportunity to catch either of these bands live, do it. Seriously though, I've got to see more awesome bands like these since I've just dropped my gym membership. It's only been two shows, but the ladies have already been asking if I've been working out. To which I reply, "Have you seen today's Marmaduke?" Ladies love Marmaduke. Trust me on this one.

They're like a party in your pants, but without any awkward humiliation. Posted by Hello


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