Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rock, Rock, Rock! Rock you with the Rock!

Man, even when Christian rockers sell their souls to the devil they still suck.
Apparently all rock music is designed by the devil, even Christian rock. So if you listen to any rock music, Jesus is not your Homeboy. Rap may be safe though. They didn't say anything about the rap music. But apparently this is how it works: The devil will give you a big record contract that you have to sign in blood and then the band members will become homosexuals and fall in love with each other and get aids. I've learned all of this from a comic strip. Salvation is too late for me, as I worship Rock n' Roll Jesus (which is Nikki Sixx as he has risen from the dead).

If you listen to rock music, any rock music, you worship satan. Posted by Hello


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