Friday, December 10, 2004

Crue Jonesin'

Oh man, Monday had to be the coolest day ever. The day started over at the Hustler store on the Sunset Strip. We waited in line for our wristbands for the secret Motley Crue show, and were pleasantly surprised when the gave out two to each person. Then we browsed, but not longer than thirty minutes as they have signs posted telling you that thirty minutes is the longest you can browse. After that we went to the Rainbow Room and got a burger and a beer. I highly suggest going there during the day for a burger and fries. It only costs $4. You'll spend that much at Carl Jr's, which for you Midwesterners is the exact same restaurant as Hardee's, only without all the orange decor. Then we went to the Palladium and waited outside for them to let us in. The band was supposed to land by helicopter but the fire marshall pulled permission at the last minute, so they pulled up in a sweet pimped out hearse. Coolest hearse since Ghostbusters. They they let everyone in but locked us in the lobby like cattle as the press did the whole conference thing they do. And then they let us in and the show began. Steve-o from Jackass came out to warm-up the crowd by slicing his tongue with glass and smearing blood on his face in the style of Shout at the Devil Nikki and Tommy. Then the Crue came on stage. They opened with Dr. Feelgood and it was loud. We were about fifteen feet away from the stage. Something that will never happen again for a band this big. I've been farther away for Ima Robot. Next they played Shout at the Devil. At this point I thought about putting in the earplugs someone gave my, but I realized that this is Motley Crue, and you don't wear earplugs at a Motley Crue show. Then the played their new song If I Die Tomorrow. Which honestly, I don't like too much. They followed that with Girls, Girls, Girls, and ended the evening with Wild Side. Tommy Lee is an awesome drummer. Nikki still looks great and tossed his bass in the air and smashed it at the end of the set. Vince looks better than he did a year ago, but he's still chubby and he was out of breath from running around the stage. Mick looks like a zombie. The man could barely move, but he could still play the hell out of his guitar. The was the best concert I've been to this year. The crowd was really into it and the band still rocked instead of going through the motions to make a bunch of money. I'm definitely going to go see them at the Forum on the 23rd of March. I hope they've got a huge stage show with some sort of crazy drum set stunt. And watch Jimmy Kimmel tonight to see them play.

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