Thursday, November 18, 2004

Things the internet taught me about Hoju

Since Hoju is one of my most consistent readers, as far as I can tell by the comments section, I've decided to do some research on this Hoju so that I may better understand my audience and perhaps even cater to it.

So here goes:

List of things the internet has taught me about Hoju:

1.Hoju is still a member but he has changed his name beacuse he wants to be treated like everyone else.
2.Hoju is into photography..
3.hoju is from australia.
4.Hoju is the little booger on the right side suckin' on the glass.
5.Hoju is on his way to the next world.
6.Hoju is on the loose.
7.Hoju is headed for a big vacation.

This list has been created using the scientific process of taking my favorite listing of Hoju from Googlism and then linking them to random links of the word Hoju off of Google.

After learning all of this about the Hoju, I'm still going to stick to writing about bands I see, Steve Guttenberg, Marmaduke, Rex Morgan MD, and general swassness.


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