Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Today I Bought Two Things. Both of them were Awesome.

List of Awesome things I bought.

1. Kabbalah Energy Drink

It's basically Red Bull "infused" with Kabbalah water. It's got the same taste as Red Bull, only not as sweet. Red Bull makes it feel like your teeth will rot out if you finish the can, but this doesn't. However, I thought that with the power of Kabbalah water that this energy drink would have a superior, different taste. Basically I was expecting it to taste like Jesus, if Jesus was a flavor. Yes, I realize that Kabbalah probably isn't about Jesus, but since I'm ignorant to their ways (except for the red string and the energy drink) Jesus is what I was expecting and I won't lie to you just to make me look smarter. It would be sweet if they could put "Tastes like Jesus!" on the side of the can though.
This drink should keep Britney happy that she can indulge in a "red bull" and stay cool with Madonna. Now she's just praying (if they do that) for the Kabbalah cheetos. Personally, I won't convert until they put out the Kabbalah Yoo-hoo.
Or those red bracelets made out of licorice instead of string. Kind of like those candy necklaces.

Feel the Power! Posted by Hello

Infused is such an edgy word. It made me want to buy this. So I did. Because my will-power is no match for crafty marketing. Posted by Hello

2. "The Very Beast of Dio" CD

Realizing that my CD collection contained no Dio, I thought it wise to start with the very best and then slowly work my way to very good and finally to very mediocre.
I didn't even consider that Very Beast would be an option, but I was very pleased to know that it was. After listening to the CD, I'm quite sure very Beast is a higher ranking than very best on a scale of 1 to Awesome. In one song he sings about running on rainbows and slaying dragons. In fact, rainbows come up quite often in Dio, which I didn't really expect but since, have become quite fond of this fact.
What really sold me on the CD, were the songs titles. Titles like "We Rock", "King of Rock and Roll", and "Rock and Roll Children" could not be left on the shelf of my local Best Buy, especially at the low, low price of $9.99. No, they belonged in my CD player, even though before today I couldn't name one Dio song if you asked me to. Once I played it, I found I did recognize one song. It's was "Rainbow in the Dark", oh Dio, you and your crazy rainbows!

That concludes my list of awesome purchases for today.


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