Friday, March 11, 2005

Zombie Affleck shows signs of decomposing.

Zombie Affleck is still out there. He hides it well, but don't be fooled. Much like his film career he should be dead but keeps on going, terrorizing everyone who sees him and feeding on their brains. Lord knows how many others he has infected, but no one is safe. My previous theory that a good make-up artist was covering his decomposition seems to be correct, as I have secured an unreleased photo from FOX's "Celebrities without Make-up" TV show.

The photo even FOX didn't want you to see! Posted by Hello

Now will you believe me already! The man is undead and dangerous. It's too late for Jennifer Garner, but it's not too late to safe yourself. So please, if you see Zombie "Ben" Affleck do not try to get a picture taken with him. He will just eat your brains. This is why the new "Project Greenlight" will be about making a horror film. They can easily pass off human brains as a prop, without anyone being the wiser. Except me! Zombie Affleck, I've got your number and I won't stop posting about you until you stop eating brains.


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