Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This could quite possibly be my favorite picture ever.

God's Holy Trousers! This has got to be the greatest home field advantage ever. I have to find out where this stadium is and go watch a game to see how many times a ball is missed due to staring at the gigantic Magnum PI era picture of Tom Selleck on the outfield wall. I can only guess that most of the Brew Crew was unable to break their gaze from his glorious mustache as they lost 18-5. How are you supposed to concentrate on the 90mph fastball coming at you when Tom Selleck is staring deeply into your soul from the outfield wall? Even if I went to the game I don't think I'd be able to follow it because I'd just be starin' at Selleck the whole time.
Add this to my list of thing to do.
Which, if you're wondering what that is, I will now post.

Johnny Awesome's List of Things to Do.
1. Find the Tom Selleck outfield wall.
2. Get Moderatto to play an LA show.
3. Buy Toilet paper.
4. Get a couch.
5. Upset Oprah Winfrey.
6. Get a meatball sandwich for lunch.
7. Watch "America's Next Top Model" and "The Fabulous Life of Motley Crue"

Major props go to my man Jenkins for being able to stop staring at the magnetic Tom Selleck long enough to track down this fly ball. It ain't easy folks, he just makes it look that way. Posted by Hello


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