Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hey Lakers, Let the Indonesian Kids Think You Won.

Robert Navarre of the Pistons' merchandising department on the Championship clothing: "We'd have had to destroy 'em if they'd lost Games 5, 6 and 7," Navarre said. "We don't give them to the children in Indonesia."

Why not give those kids the clothes? The Pistons spanked the Lakers, so that's not something they have to worry about. But if the Lakers merchandise hasn't been destroyed yet, I say give it to the Indonesian children. You can still be their champs. You can even fly down there and parade around like you won. Karl, you can wave a paper mache trophy over your head as the kids beg you for food. Shaq, you could give Gary a piggy-back ride, so he doesn't get lost in the sea of children. Kobe, you can borrow the ring you just gave your wife, and pass it off to all the kids as the real deal. You also might think about staying down there, Kobe. There you could be king, instead of incarcerated.

That one kid will still be rooting for Batman, but the rest will love the Lakers. Posted by Hello


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