Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In Case You Missed This the First Time

You should really be keeping tabs on Rex Morgan MD. I'm making it easy for you. It's linked along the side. Seriously, check out the middle panel. That, my friends, is art. Notice the use of foreground/background composition. You're not gonna see that in Garfield. And the last frame speaks for itself. Between the off-panel dialogue and the wide-eyed expression of the red hat man, one word: RACY! We're talking Race Bannon racy. We all know what was going on there. Two men, two boys, and a dog out on "adventures", I mean c'mon there's nothing subtle about that. Race is questing for Jonny, and how do you think Hadji got his green card?

On another note, props go out to The Gutte, for having my back. Thanks Big G.

Seriously. This is where it's at. Posted by Hello


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