Friday, June 11, 2004

Yoo-hoo is the new PBR

By that I mean that it's the new drink that everybody will drink because nobody drinks it, so they want to drink it to be different and cool, but really just end up drinking something they don't really like with everyone else. Now this sucks for those of us that have always preferred a Yoo-hoo over other beverages, because it raises the prices. Everyone that drank PBR before the hipsters found it, drank it because it cost 50 cents for a can. Now you're paying the price of a Guinness for one, and they're not even giving it to you in a can, so no one even knows that you're being cool. Although you will look cool if you order it from the bartender by saying,"PBR me ASAP!" Anyway, if you want to look cool start ordering Yoo-hoos. (They're already on the menu at Doughboys.) If you already drink Yoo-hoo, prepare to gain newfound respect from cool people and for price hikes. Viva la Yoo-hoo revolution! Go forth and spread the word.

Is the 'Hoo in Your Hood? Posted by Hello


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