Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My Governor Can Beat Up Your Governor

And after he does, he's going to take your State's money to pay off our debt, and take all the women and tell them to join Arnold (turns out it's not just a campaign slogan). Minnesota maybe the only state that could be safe. I'm not sure if "The Body" is still your Governor. For those of you who were not lucky enough to witness the gubernatorial race for California this year, opponents to Mr. S made sure we heard from every woman Arnold had harassed and groped throughout his illustrious career (which was apparently a lot). I don't know how much of this you other States heard. I live in my little bubble of sunshine here, where other States don't matter, except maybe New York but we really only care about the City. Anyway, I was talking about Arnold and his roaming hands. What I'm getting around to is that in his cameo for Around the World in 80 Days, he plays some sort of playboy prince, and people may get their undies in a bunch over it. So if you see anyone with bunched undies in the next couple weeks, that's probably why. Here's my favorite quote with an elliptical which I will post somewhat out of context: "Although he's a philanderer in the movie ..." It just finishes itself, doesn't it. Unfortunately for any ladies that recently claimed harassment against Arnold, he will be considered innocent as he was preparing for the role.

(This entry was really just an excuse to use the word gubernatorial.)

Our Governor picks on fat kids. Posted by Hello


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