Wednesday, July 07, 2004

An Answer to an Age Old Problem?

When riding around with a group of friends, the passenger or "shotgun" seat is coveted by everyone. This is why the shotgun game was invented. To prevent fights over this precious seat. However, it seems that everyone has different rules to this game. Now this causes fights, which the game was originally supposed to prevent. It's a big catch 22. This may be the solution. A universal shotgun rule book. This should be spread throughout all of the land, and will overrule the old rule of the driver uses his rules. I'm torn however, as I enjoy the bickering and fighting over the seat and rules, more than actually having the seat (unless it's a long ride, then I'll do whatever it takes to win).

Not only did this old woman score the shotgun seat, she's rubbing it in with a little showboating. A bet her friends hope her visor flies off before they make it to the bingo hall. Posted by Hello


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