Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Goth Elvis!

Also known as, why in the crap hasn't anybody told me about this yet? Seriously, this is what seems to be the coolest thing I've ever found by reading a book. And by reading, I mean flipping through and only looking at the pictures. Now we all know where Robert Smith got his make-up from, and where KISS got their costumes. Elvis is now officially cooler than ever. I want to know what music he was making during this phase. All that accompanied the picture in the book, was a long list of all the drugs they found in his blood after he died and what they do. If I wanted to know about drugs, I'd read a drug book not a rock and roll book. How in the heck did the editor let that slip by? I want answers. And capes with pictures of Goth Elvis on them, but mostly I want the capes.

Seriously folks.....AWESOME! Posted by Hello


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