Friday, August 20, 2004

In This Post, your Hero (me) Solves a Problem.

Are you pre-planning for "National Steve Guttenberg Day" and run into the "what to wear?" problem? If so, you are not alone. (If not, you'd better start worrying as there's only 42 days until "National Steve Guttenberg Day") You see, dressing as the Gutte has good intentions but terrible results. Not that you are completely responsible for these horrendous results, it's just that The Gutte cannot be copied and it will be proven by your costume, no matter how good it is. It's a whole aura thing. The Gutte has an essence that is nearly impossible to capture. "So now what should I wear?", you ask. I asked the same question, then I figured it out: A shirt with a picture of Guttenberg on it. Perfect, only problem was that I couldn't find a store carrying Guttenberg shirts. So I made a plea to the elite team of t-shirt design, Randy and Moss, and asked them if they could help make my dream a reality, and they agreed! So I present to you the Guttenberg T-shirt!

Now you can represent on Sept. 30th in style! Posted by Hello

Email me at if you want one. They'll cost $20.
If I don't get more than 12 requests I won't be able to make them.
I'll keep y'all posted.


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