Monday, November 08, 2004

A Review of Ted Leo, by popular demand.

and by that I mean CJ...and by that I mean 33% of my readership.
We missed The Lashes so I can't tell you if they're any good or not, but I do like the song I heard on KXLU the other day. The next band was Lucero. They were alright. I liked them enough that I made a mental note to see if they have any mp3s on their site so I can proceed to make a judgment on them, but not enough to go to the merch booth and pick up a record. My friend and I decided that they sounded like a mix of the Old 97's and Bruce Springsteen. Before Ted Leo went on stage we went outside and saw the actor dude from The Girl Next Door. So now I have a more respect for him and may even learn his name. Anyway, Ted Leo played a pretty even mix of songs from his last three records. This made me happy since I haven't had the cash to buy his latest. But all of his new songs were fricken awesome. They rocked hard, as you and my socks already knew from the previous post. He talked a lot about politics and was clearly upset about the outcome of the election. He also encouraged us all to keep fighting and we all let him know that we agreed with him by cheering loudly. He came out for one encore and the last song he played was from the new album and it is the reason I'm going straight to the record store and getting it. The two guys behind me obviously already had the record as they started jumping around wildly at the first guitar riff. The best part of a Ted Leo show is that Ted goes crazy. The man knows how to rock out, but it's emphasized by the fact that the pharmacists are super chill. They just play the bass and the drums and look at Ted while he's rockin' a swass solo. After the show we saw the actor dude again sitting against the building. He was either really drunk or he has no friends.
I didn't ask him which one it was.

If you wanted a song list, I couldn't really tell you since I know most of the songs as numbers from the CD's, but I'll give you a taste from the ones I remember in no particular order:

Where have all the rude boys gone
I'm a ghost
Under the Hedge
Timorous Me

That's all I remember. Next time go see the show yourself. You can even bring the wife.


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