Friday, December 10, 2004

I Heart Ashlee Simpson

You read that right. I do heart her, but in a I wish she was my best friend kind of a way. Now you maybe asking yourself, why Johnny do you like the younger Simpson? If you are indeed asking that, then I will give you the answer.
1. She's a rebel. Yep, while most singers actually sing, she does not. And while all the other teenie boppers are dancing provocatively, she dances the jig. And seriously, if you want to be rebel there ain't no better way than by dancing a jig on live tv. And she spells her name unconventionally. Seriously, how many Ashlee's do you know? (the spell-checker even tells me that's not right.)

2. Have you seen you new video for Shadow. She's crazy, but in a good way. And she smashes things. And smashing things = AWESOME in the book of Johnny Awesome.

3. The final reason I heart her, is that she sports the same haircut as Nikki Sixx. If she just teased it out and Aquanetted the hell out of it, she'd look straight out of Shout at the Devil. And I have a soft spot for anyone with hair that awesome. Need proof? Here goes:

A. Here's the lovely Ashlee Simpson. Check out the hair.

This +... Posted by Hello

B. Here's Rock n Roll Jesus himself, Nikki Sixx. Check out the hair.

...this = ? Posted by Hello

C. In case you can't visualize the connection yourself, I've created this to better illustrate my point.

?= this! I wish I had photoshop and a stylus. Instead I have paint and a trackpad. But it gets the point across. Posted by Hello


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