Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mustache Brigade Update

I was watching Scrubs last night, and they made not one but two sweet references to mustaches last night. For that, I am giving the writers of the show honorary memberships into The Swass Report Mustache Brigade. Both where in reference to a character named Lonnie and his swass stache. The first time J.D. calls it a Glorious Mustache in his inner dialogue. I applaud this as Glorious is a wonderful adjective for a mustache that I never even considered using, but after hearing it used in that way feel quite stupid for not thinking of it myself. The second reference is when J.D. wants to kiss his date, and realizes that she would totally do it if he had a stache as sweet as Lonnie's. Kudos goes to the writers once again as they realize that women cannot resist the power of a sweet stache. A membership also goes to the guy that played Lonnie. It was a sweet stache indeed, and inspired many men across this great nation to grow a fine mustache. He also probably instilled jealousy in those that cannot grow a mustache, which is a serious condition that plagues many poor souls. They should really talk to a surgeon to see what their options are.
Also, if you have not yet read today's Marmaduke, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

Good work, bro. Way to rock it Selleck style. Posted by Hello


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