Monday, March 28, 2005

Who made Steve Guttenberg a Star?

Who would have thought that the Guttenberg shirt would be the best seller?
I went to a Motley Crue show last week and it was awesome. I'll put a post up about it later. Until then, I've pasted together some of my favorite frames from Rex Morgan MD to create my very own storyline. I think the picture's too small to read, so I'll explain it to you.

If I was in charge of Rex Morgan MD, it'd be the best comic ever. Posted by Hello

So Frank (he's the one in the hat that says "FRANK") says,"Hey, No fence, no cents... That's my motto!" Now you can tell that Frank is a little retarded because he's missing a tooth and wears a trucker hat that has his name on it, so you can understand why the blond guy in the hoodie is trying to hold his laughter in. It's hard to keep a straight face, when a guy like Frank is giving you life mottos.
Now Frank is smart enough to know that the blond guy is snickering at him so he says, "No, I'm as serious as a tax collector!" Frank is quite pleased with this comment and is sure that he got the point of his motto across. This would be easier to tell if he wasn't off-frame in this picture. But the blond guy, having put up with Frank's nonsense long enough, snaps back with a sarcastic, "And I'm going to be famous!" But since he threw off his hoodie while saying this, Frank believes that blond guy will be famous since he has long blond hair like a young Brad Pitt. But we all know he'll never be famous since his index finger has been cut off at the knuckle, leaving a very unattractive knub. It's because he only has a knub of a finger that blondie wants to see Frank's hand. He's going to have his very mean dog bite off Frank's finger in hopes that he can attach it to his knub and be whole again. Frank's already lost a tooth so he agreed to do it for a couple cans of food. Blondie says, "No food until I see the hand...that's the deal!" and the dog says, "grr" to show that he's mean and will bite people's fingers off.
What will happen? If Frank lets the dog bite off his finger will the blond guy give him the food like he promised? Or will he run off, leaving Frank fingerless and hungry? Will Frank's severed finger be able to be attached to blond guy's deformed hand?
I'd say keep reading and find out, but since Frank was only in one day's comic I won't be able to continue this storyline unless Rex Morgan MD hires me to write for them.


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