Thursday, June 10, 2004

Do as I Say. C'mon, Do it!

I love the MSN homepage. They always have such insightful articles. Today's gem is entitled "Ten Surefire Ways to Tick Off Your Co-Workers". I really wish I was working, so I could use this to it's fullest. I went to the site, though and found that they want you to avoid these things. Apparently, they don't find ticking people off to be much fun. I ;however, do. I hope that punctuation ticked you off! Jerks. Anyway, since I am currently "freelancing", just a fancy word for unemployed, I have no co-workers to tick off. So I'm asking you, my trust-worthy readers, to do it for me. Then I want you to tell me how it went. So here's the short version of the list. (to really get into it, I suggest checking it out on MSN.)

"Ten Surefire Ways to Tick Off Your Co-Workers"

1. Is it all about you?
(apparently co-workers will get ticked off if you make them look bad, to make yourself look good.)

2. Answering Cell Phone Calls during Meetings.
(if it's an urgent call, alert those present: By yelling,"this call is more important than you losers.)

3. Sending Voicemails that go on and on and on.
(or maybe a blog entry?)

4. Acting like a Bureaucrat.
(if you don't know what that is, just act like a pirate.)

5. Reading the newspaper or hammer on your laptop during training sessions or meetings.
(if reading the paper, be sure to let everyone know how good the Marmaduke comic is. But don't let them see it.)

6. "I'm like, ya know . . ."
(they want you to speak like a professional. How about a professional wrestler?)

7. Doing your bills at the office.
(I've done this. It didn't tick off anyone. It may have peeved a few people, though.)

8. Skirting around the dress code.
(but I work better when I'm unrestricted.)

9. Taking it too easy on telecommute days.
(I don't even know what a telecommute day is. But if you do, please do this and tell me if you tick off anyone.)

10. Acting unethically.
(that's a bit broad MSN, c'mon! End your list with some strength. Now they've ticked me off.)

I'm adding my own...

11. Drink Yoo-hoo everyday and make it known that you love Yoo-hoo so much that you're never without one. Then when you don't have a Yoo-hoo and someone asks you where your Yoo-hoo is, accuse them of stealing it and rubbing it in your face. Make a scene for as long, and as loudly as possible. (this is sure to tick off at least one co-worker)


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