Friday, June 18, 2004

Rock n Roll Dancing Shoes

If you've got 'em put them on. There seems to be some backlash against the Franz Ferdinand boys, so I'm here to suggest a few bands for you if you're looking to put FF by the wayside so that Uncle Grambo and Damore will still think your best. I understand the willingness to do this, as everyone wants to hang with these two, and rightfully so. They are to bloggers what Llody Dobler is to women. (thanks to the blueprint for the Klosterman ref).

So I present to you different yet similar music:

Pink Grease (the site's color scheme says enough.)

Chikinki (I suggest checking out the video for "Like it or Leave it")

Kings Have Long Arms (this one is actually techno, but it's fun. Check it out. It's free so if you don't like it, no harm done.)

Pitty Sing (good stuff from Boston. In case you're sick of Euro bands.)

Young Heart Attack (for those of you who could just go for some straight up rock)

If you don't like these bands, find your own music.

Completely unrelated pic of The Gutte, prepared to take your order. Posted by Hello


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