Monday, June 21, 2004


Move over curry drenched food, Spider-man is new hot thing in India. They're redoing the whole thing. The kids of India will not know Spider-man to be Peter Parker, but Pavitr Prabhakar. The Green Goblin will become Rakshasa, an Indian mythological demon. That part sounds pretty cool. He sounds like a real "maadar chode." It will deal with issues related to their culture. The question remains though, does Bombay have enough skyscrapers to make it worthwhile? What's the point of being Spider-man if you don't have anything to swing from? Honestly, I mean Spidey would pretty much suck if he lived in LA. There'd be a couple of buildings downtown for him to swing from, but other than that he'd be stuck in traffic like the rest of us smucks. I'm going to pitch a Spider-man LA (it'll be like the whole CSI thing. Same show, different city.), where he's always stuck in traffic on the 405 and he never gets there in time to save people and Peter will be a paparazzo for US Weekly. The Green Goblin's got that little flying thing, so he's obviously going to tear the city apart. It will show that the only important power in LA is the power to green light a project. If only Spider sense could predict a blockbuster. Back to the Indian Spider-man. I like how they've decided that he should have a loincloth, baggy pants, and curly-toed shoes;however, why didn't they throw a turban on him? I hope they make it into a Bollywood film. How awesome would that be?

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