Friday, June 18, 2004

Looks Like I'm Not the Only One Putting the "i" in Team.

This is a wonderfully ridiculous story. Not because of the cheerleader's mistake, but because of the commotion it caused. They put the poor girl in detention for 3 days and kicked her off the squad. Some are even surprised that she hasn't been transferred yet. I feeling sorry for the spelling bee kids in that town. They must cane all the losers. Get over it people.

"Cheerleading commissioner Sandra Dewitt assured Riverside that the actions of their squad member have scarred not only their school but the entire cheerleading profession."
If one vowel can do more damage to your profession than a Playboy spread, just what are you teaching these girls?

The team here at The Swass Report (and by team I mean me), have always put an "i" in team. So we welcome you, cheerleader, Steve Perry Style (with open arms). In fact, if you find that your voice is not being heard in this matter, I'm giving you a place to speak your mind here. Just contact me through comments or email, and you can post all about it on The Swass Report. I'm dead serious.

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