Friday, June 18, 2004

What Ever Happened To?
Featuring: Ben Curtis, aka "The Dell Guy"

We all remember the Dell guy. He went from this to this. Then he basically disappeared. Until last night. I was watching Scrubs (best ever) when during a commercial break I was reunited with an old friend. Turns out the Dell Guy is now the GamesnFlix Guy. Like most long awaited reunions, it was quite underwhelming. He lacked the charisma I had grown to love. Perhaps it was his past weighing heavily upon his shoulders, maybe he was trying to move on and grow as an actor, maybe selling games and movies isn't as exciting as selling computers, or maybe he's off the pot. I'll never really know. I do know that he's still running from the five-O. That's how the commercial started. I don't really know why, because I didn't pay any attention to the commercial until I realized it was the Dell Guy. Thinking of him makes me miss the sock puppet dog. Now I'm all nostalgic for commercial characters that aren't even a decade old.

Back on the tube, asking you to spend your money. Just like the old days. Posted by Hello


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