Friday, July 23, 2004

Science vs. Street Smarts

Today's lesson: Opening a soda can so that it does not explode on you.

Here's science's method: Tap the top of the can, or let it sit.

And here's Johnny No Thumbs patented street smarts method: Grab two sodas. One for you, one for a friend. Let the friend open his first. Then shake yours up, and aim it at your friend when you open it. Since it may explode anyways, you might as well make the most of it. Now when your friend goes to clean himself off, give him some paper towels and offer to hold his drink while he mops himself off. Then drink your friend's soda. Not only does this insure that you don't have a soda explode on you, but it's pretty dang funny too. If a third friend is around, he should give the victim a hotfoot, just to up the ante (and by ante I mean hilarity).


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