Thursday, July 22, 2004

What's Marmaduke Been Up to This Week?
Here's a recap of Marmaduke's week so far:

Monday:  He tries to help do the dishes, but Dottie yells at him. 
 (some say Dottie's "sweet-natured" but I say she's got her own section in the jerkstore.)

Tuesday:  His date from last night is yelling on the phone because he didn't show up.
(The Duke just sits there, all non-chalant-like.  You know he's got ladies lined up around the block.)

Wednesday:  Takes George's garage door opener for his new pimped-out doghouse door.
(This dog is a genius.  Seriously.  Comic gold)

Thrusday:  He becomes a cab driver.  George asks,"where's the cab driver?" 
(Who cares George!  Not only can your dog figure out how to install a garage door opener, he can drive a car too.  At that point, Marmaduke could have eaten the cabbie and I wouldn't care.   If this comic was in the dictionary it would have had an "also see: Hilarious" after it.)

Friday:  Marmaduke becomes retarded.  Seriously.
( What happened, Marm?  Just yesterday you where driving a car around.  My best guess is that Dottie socked him in the head with a sock full of oranges while he was sleeping.)

Luckily for you if you missed any of these gems, I've linked them all.
Why?  Because I'm a giver.

If you're unfamiliar with the Marmaduke comic strip, I suggest checking out this cast list.
It's a good start on your way to appreciating this spendorrific comic.


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