Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Swass Fact #4

Minute Bol is the best skee-ball player I've ever seen.

He just kept hitting the 100 point ring, one after another. He had easily over 100 tickets with just one token. That's what the picture's of. He was so excited because he was going to use his winnings to help his ailing tribesman, Manute. However, right after this picture was snapped by yours truely, Roger McDowell snuck up behind him and gave him a hotfoot. It was hilarious. Minute's tickets went up in flames, as did his foot. He was hopping around trying to stomp it out. It was amazing how much he looked like the kids playing Dance, Dance, Revolution. I laughed so hard I cried. If I wasn't laughing so hard I would have thought to take pictures of it. Roger taught me a valuable lesson that day. He called it Roger Rule #1 : At no time, in no situation, on no person is a hotfoot ever off limits. Words I will forever live by.

That's over 100 tickets, just from one token. Posted by Hello


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