Thursday, January 13, 2005

Moustache or Mustache?

I prefer the latter, as it implies that it is a necessity. Which it is if you wish to be a card carrying member of the "Swass Report's Mustache Brigade".
There are some people I have been disappointed not to hear from yet. Is the wife/girlfriend nagging at you? Telling you not to do it? Well, if you're not man enough to just straight up tell her that it's your face and you'll shave it how you please (I mean you never tell her that she can't shave a lighting bolt on her leg, do you?), then perhaps you can convince her that a mustache is a better choice than a cat. Or maybe you're convinced that only evil people wear mustaches. Well that's obviously not the case as proven by Mustaches for Kids (thanks for the find Al).
So now that you've got no more excuses, start growing that sweet stache!

Chris Noth: not in the "Swass Report's Mustache Brigade" yet, but he's working on it. Posted by Hello


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