Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mustache Mentors

While I could keep posting inspirational pictures of people with awesome mustaches, I'm going to encourage you all to find a Mustache Mentor. Someone that has a sweet stache that can encourage you with anecdotes about their stache experiences or advice on growing and maintaining your mustache. Or just to keep you on pace. I suggest selecting someone that lives close to you, as they will be the most helpful. If you don't know anyone that lives close to you with a sweet stache just walk over to your local police department or fire station. They will be in abundance. Don't be intimidated by them though, it's just the mustache that makes you quake. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you could always opt for a Mustache Role Model. Someone that you can look up to, but probably never get in touch with (however, once you grow a sweet stache and become a card carrying member of "The Swass Report's Mustache Brigade" the chances of meeting fellow members is quite good.) Here are some suggestions for your Mustache Role Model.

My Mustache Mentor is Tom Selleck.

Write in a comment and let me know who your Mustache Mentor and/or Role Model is!

Don't forget to email me ( pictures of your sweet stache to become an official "Swass Report Mustache Brigade" card carrying member.

When I feel like I just can't go on growin' a sweet stache, Magnum P.I. is there to remind me that I can (and should) do it. Posted by Hello


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