Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Skool's in Session

Last night I headed to the Roxy to check out Metal Skool. Walking into the club was like traveling back to the time of Aquanet and Spandex. Not only was the band decked out this way, so was more than half the crowd. It was perhaps the raddest thing I've seen, since the old lady in Vegas that didn't quite make it to the vomitorium. Metal Skool plays songs ranging from Bon Jovi to Guns n Roses. They started the set with a rollicking cover of "Rock You Like a Hurricane." Right there I knew the night would break the needle on the Awesometer. The show is half rock and half comedy, as they talk inbetween songs for quite some time. The Hoobastank lead singer was there, and they made fun of him because his band sucks. But the dude was cool, and got up there with them and rocked some old school Van Halen. Just as I was thinking the night was over, and it was cool although I was wishing someone cooler than the Hoobastank guy would have shown up, the Skoolers went straight from "Sweet Child of Mine" into "Night Train". This was bizarre. They kept a pretty good mix until then, hopping from band to band. Then who other than Axel effing Rose comes out on stage with them! Who needs Velvet Revolver when you've got Axel playing with a cover band? Let me tell you though, Axel needs to lay off the Cheetos. They played "Paradise City" next, and the Metal Skool lead singer pulled up about twenty girls to dance on stage with them. This was pretty amazing, but the best part was that none of the girls went for Axel. They all wanted the cover band guys. That alone should have Axel on the treadmill this morning. These dudes are singing your song, with you, but they're getting all the action. What happened Axel? It's not a dig against Axel (the man can still rock); it's a testament to how effin' hard the Metal Skool guys rock. They play every Monday and I suggest you check them out if you live in LA.

The closest thing to time travel I've seen yet. Who needs science when you've got Metal? Posted by Hello


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