Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Has Zombie Affleck Spread the Disease?

As I was perusing my favorite websites today, I found this picture of Brittany Murphy over at Uncle Grambo's site. He says crack whore, I say zombie. Look at the slack jaw, the zombie posture, and the look of insatiable desire for brains in her clouded zombie eyes. Zombie Affleck may work slow (like the zombies of yore) but it's spreading. Unless, and I pray this is what it is, Brittany is simply publicly auditioning for a role in the new zombie movie shooting at Chernobyl that I read about over at Kerry's site. If you where hoping for more information on the Gutte today, it's not going to happen. I have to keep my eyes on this whole Hollywood Zombie Invasion that's on the verge of spreading rapidly. Once it's under control, I'll give you the Gutte info you've been craving.

On the hunt for brains, too? Posted by Hello


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