Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Maybe there isn't a God afterall.

Apparently the radio's finally started to play too much good music, and somebody's trying to do something about it. Three of the four former members of Creed have put together a new band, because there's just not enough crap to fill the void created once Creed left apparently. They are calling themselves Alter Bridge and the first show is in Pontiac Michigan. Now normally I wouldn't ask anyone to go to this show, but there is a recurring nightmare I've had after hearing of this and I need to make sure it doesn't happen. You know how in Spinal Tap the guitarist leaves the band, but then later is standing backstage wishing he was out there and the lead singer asks him to come out and play and they reunite to play Japan? Well, in this nightmare, it's the same thing only with Scott Suck (or whatever his name is, you know, Creed's old singer)coming from backstage to reunite with the band, only in the dream they don't get sent off to Japan. So if anyone can go to this show, make sure Scott Suck doesn't get on that stage. Take whatever means possible. And if you have some spare time during the show, try your best to break-up this new act while your at it. I'll send you a toaster if you can get any of them deported to Japan. People of Michigan, you are our only hope.


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