Friday, August 06, 2004

More Gutte!
(You know you want it.)

I told you that you can't stop him. I found this swass pic of the Gutte today, and it seemed fitting for reasons that make sense to those of you who know my darkest secrets. I didn't really read the article I took it from, but you can if you feel like it. I think it has something to do with comparing the Gutte and the Police Academy movies to Judge Reinhold and his cop comedy. I do know that Judge was up for the role of Mahoney and he didn't get it, so this comparison seems pointless. The Gutte is obviously the better of the two, because:
1. He got the role.
2. I never heard of Judge's movie before.
3. He's the Gutte.
4. All people remember of Judge's most popular movie are Phoebe Cate's bare breasts and Sean Penn.
5. He's the Gutte.

I mean seriously. It's like trying to compare Rex Morgan MD with Prince Valiant. It's time that could be better spend reading today's Marmaduke (which is solid by the way).

They couldn't even get a decent picture of Judge. Posted by Hello


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