Tuesday, August 10, 2004

You May Fly Your Swass Report Flags back at Full Mast.

It appears that Manute Bol is doing better. After a terrible accident in which the cab he was riding in flipped over, the Dinka tribesman is feeling well enough to sue the pants off the cab company responsible. I really hope that his lawyers suggest suing for their pants, because I want to see Manute wear them as shorts. I believe that it would make me laugh. And with all the zombies and injured heros in the world today, I could use a good Manute gag. The man has incredible comic timing. He should have starred in My Giant. Of course if I was casting it, the Gutte would have replaced Billy Crystal. Manute and the Gutte, that has blockbuster written all over it! It just rolls off the tongue. They could have been the next Martin and Lewis. Plus all of the advertising could mention that the movie is a blockbuster, and there would be a cardboard life-size cut-out of Manute blocking something and the Gutte standing next to him being his usual awesome self. I can't wait until they let me run one of these studios.

The ad campaigns would look something like this. Only not done with MS Paint. Posted by Hello

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