Thursday, December 16, 2004

UPDATE: Hearting Ashlee Simpson even more.
She makes my want to La La.

So I checked out Ashlee's new video on itunes this morning and it turns out that she may have planned the whole Nikki Sixx knock-off look. In her "La La" video she's wearing a Motley Crue shirt of the Dr. Feelgood era. Coincidence? I think not. Besides wearing an awesome shirt and sporting a swass hairdo she continues her path of destruction in this video. As you remember, in the last video she throws a bowl of cereal with milk into the camera and later causes a mirror to shatter. Well, in this video she goes crazy, like a fox. First she dances on a van. Without the van owner's permission! Rebel! Then she totally kicks over a garbage can. Rebel! Then she loiters outside of a 7-11 type place. Try to stop her, I dare you. Then she throws her coke at a biker and causes him to bite it, as she keeps dancing. What kind of young lady would do that? A rebellious one of course. But wait, there's more! Then she goes to a kegger and pushes some dude in the pool. When the kegger gets busted by the cops, she takes it to a laundry mat (keg and everything)and totally rocks the place. Seriously, with this kind of resume of destruction who cares if she sings. I bet if you try to call her on it, she'll just pop a Nexium and then pop you in the face and dance off down the street to the nearest house party.

I can't think of a clever comment to write so I'll let Sebastian Bach tell you what he thinks. Posted by Hello

Ashlee's a Rebel and I have some swass lightning bolts on my pants. We are the Youth Gone Wild! Posted by Hello

Sorry to break it to you Sebastian, but you're not too young anymore. In fact, I'd be surprised if you still fit in those swass pants. If you do though, you should definitely wear them next time you're on an episode of Gilmore Girls. And if you don't still fit in them, can I have them?


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