Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2005 Shall be the Year of the Gutte!

While 2004 was a strong year for the Gutte, I believe that 2005 will be his year. While Marmaduke is still solid, I don't think this is his break out year. He just doesn't have the momentum yet. He had it back in 2003, but it went to waste as he spent most of his time chewing on things instead of getting his face in the tabliods. As for Rex Morgan, he's taken a darker turn. While an elderly child abuser storyline is fresh, it doesn't have that uplifting spirit most people would like to start the new year out with.

So that leaves us with The Gutte.

Things built up for the Gutte at the end of the year. His Christmas TV Movie "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus" was placed on US Weekly's "Must List" along with a dandy little picture of the Gutte in the corner, "Guttenberg" the t-shirt reached Great Britian, and the first "National Steve Guttenberg Day" ever took place. I predict that this year's "National Steve Guttenberg Day" will be huge. There may even be a parade, preferrably in the Pacific Palisades since he is its Honorary Mayor. As such he could probably make "N.S.G.D" official in that city. Keep your eyes peeled for the Gutte in the TV mini-series "The Poseidon Adventure" in 2005. And to all you Gutten-haters out there, beware! There is a young generation of Gutten-fans that are rearing their heads over the horizon, as The Gutte has helped a tremendous amount of kids with the Guttenhouse. I'm sure their love for the Gutte shall strike you haters down.
To prepare for the Year of the Gutte, check out these questions he answered to learn more about the man.

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades. Posted by Hello

Apparently my computer decided it wanted to see what the Gutte would look like if he was blue. Well, this is what he looks like blue. I call him Gutten Smurf.


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