Monday, January 10, 2005

This Week's Focus: Mustaches!

All this week I will be focusing on the splendor of the mustache. And to kick things off I've included this picture of William H. Macy and some old guy that I shall call "the coronal". Macy's sporting a sweet stache that would make most cops jealous, and the coronal is sporting a pretty stokin' stache himself. They are the first members of "The Swass Report's Mustache Brigade"! I'm encouraging you all to grow a mustache this week and become a member of the Mustache Brigade. All you have to do is send me a picture proving that you have a sweet stache, and I will send you an official email to induct you into the Brigade. Happy stache growing! And I don't want any wimpy excuses like,"but my wife/girlfriend doesn't like it." Boo-hoo, you'll get no sympathy from the Mustache Brigade, as it will consist of real men who aren't afraid to grow unfashionable facial hair.
Whoever grows the sweetest stache shall get to be in a three panel cartoon that I draw.

You can send your submissions to

We want you to join us in the Mustache Brigade! Posted by Hello


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