Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Misplaced Christmas Call.

So Christmas morning I decide to give CJ a good old phashioned phone callin'.
The following is pretty much what happened:

guy on phone: What up dude!
Me: Hey, what's goin' on.
guy on phone: Not much.
Me: Merry freakin' Christmas yo!
guy on phone: Merry Christmas. So who is this?
Me: Johnny.
guy on phone: Johnny?....
Me: From California. Who's this?
guy on phone: TJ. Who are you looking for?
Me: CJ.
guy on phone: That's me!
Me: No, C like in Christopher.
guy on phone: Oh, I'm T like in tard. But I have been getting a lot of calls for a CJ.
Me: Good for you slugger. Merry Christmas.
guy on phone: Happy Holidays.

Then I hung up and called Al to 1. talk to him and wish him a Merry Christmas, and 2. To get CJ's number. However I got Al's voicemail, so only objective #1 was completed. Then I reheated some Taco Bell for a delicious Christmas dinner. So CJ, call me and get me your new number.


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